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The ProECU Subaru CAN Diesel supports 2007 onwards WRX, Legacy, Outback & Forester vehicles that uses the Subaru Flat Four Diesel engine.
49 ECU versions are supported from all world regions.

ProECU Subaru CAN Diesel contains a set of diagnostics and maintenance tools for the 2010 onward models:

  • High speed CAN datalogging including DPF related parameters
  • DPF Tool, including forced regeneration proceedure
  • Injector coding tools
  • Oil service tools for oil dilution ratio reset

Subaru CAN Diesel Tuneable Parameters

Subaru CAN Diesel allows you to alter parameters in the ECU, such as:

  • Injection Quantity Tables
  • Injector Opening Time
  • Desired Torque Tables
  • Desired Boost Pressure
  • Maximum Torque Tables
  • And many more...

Subaru CAN Diesel Supported Vehicles

Subaru CAN Diesel currently supports over 40 different ECU versions.

EcuTek ProECU Subaru CAN Diesel supported vehicles:

  • EU Forester Diesel 2008 onwards
  • EU Impreza Diesel 2009 onwards
  • EU Legacy Diesel 2008 onwards
  • EU Outback Diesel 2009 onwards

Subaru CAN Diesel Live Data

The ProECU software offers real time data when connected to a car.

The following example data forĀ 32 out of approximately 90 live data parameters is available from the "Live Data" tab of the ROM file being accessed. This data is accessed directly from the ECU in real time providing you with more than 90 parameters to view and log.

It is then possible to customise the way the logged data are displayed using the Time Graphs, Data Table, Custom 2D Graphing, and Custom 3D Graphing tabs in the Log Viewer, as shown below:

Subaru CAN Diesel Tuning Results

Power Graphs

Power curve shown before and after tuning using our example ROM file:

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