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ECU Software

ECU Software

Subaru K-Line 99 Tuning Suite

The ProECU Subaru K-Line 99 suite allows reprogramming of the standard factory engine management unit for the classic shape Impreza, known as the Turbo 2000 (UK), GT (Europe) and WRX/STI (Japan). The Legacy Twin Turbo and Forester Turbo are also supported for all regions.

35 ECU versions are currently supported from all regions.

Subaru K-Line 99 Tuneable Parameters

Subaru K-Line 99 allows you to alter parameters in the ECU, such as:

  • Fuelling and Fuel Compensation.
  • Ignition Timing and Ignition Compensation.
  • Boost Pressure.
  • Boost Limit.
  • Turbo Dynamics.
  • Boost Pressure Based Speed Limiting.
  • Maximum Speed Limit Removal.
  • Minimum and Maximum Wastegate Duty Cycle.
  • Rev Limit.
  • Air Flow Sensor Scaling.
  • And many more....

Subaru K-Line 99 Supported Vehicles

Subaru K-Line 99 currently supports over 30 different ECU versions.

  • Impreza Turbo - Right Hand Drive
  • Impreza GT - Left Hand Drive.
  • Impreza WRX v5 & v6.
  • Impreza STI v5 & v6 & P1.
  • Impreza WRX & STI Types R and RA also supported.
  • Forester Turbo S & STI.

The list of supported ECU for Flash99 is shown below. This list is constantly being updated:

  • UK Impreza WRX - ae800
  • UK Impreza WRX - ae801
  • UK Impreza WRX - ae802
  • European Impreza WRX - ae780
  • European Impreza WRX - ae781
  • European Impreza WRX - ae782
  • European Prodrive P1 - ag340
  • Japanese Impreza STI5/6 - af040
  • Japanese Impreza STI5/6 - af041
  • Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA - ae480
  • Japanese Impreza WRX Type 5/6 RA - ae481
  • Japanese Impreza WRX - ae490
  • Japanese Impreza WRX - ae491
  • Forrester Turbo - af040
  • Forrester Turbo - af041
  • Forrester Turbo - ag050
  • Forrester Turbo - ag060
  • Forrester Turbo - ae901
  • Forrester Turbo STI - ag380
  • Forrester Turbo - af260
  • Forrester Turbo - af261
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad981
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad981
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad983
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad984
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad985
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ag292
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ag302
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - af181
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - af330
  • Legacy Twin Turbo - ad971

Tuning Examples

Below is a dyno plot from a UK 2002 WRX with standard induction, turbo and intercooler. The exhaust has been improved and the ECU remapped to provide 60 BHP more power at high revs, as well as very useful mid-range torque gains.

Remapped UK WRX with Full Sports Catalyst Exhaust System & EcuTek ECU

Remapped UK WRX with Exhaust Backbox (muffler) and EcuTek ECU

Graphical Map Views

All 2d and 3d maps may be viewed graphically for fast interpretation of map shape. This also allows errors to be quickly spotted. The example below shows a fuel map that is being viewed graphically, to show the spectrum of air/fuel ratios used by this ECU.

Subaru K-Line 99 Tuning Suite fuel map

Live Map Access

Whilst testing the car, either on the road or dyno, access to fuelling, ignition and boost maps may be viewed in real time to show which parts of the map are being accessed by the ECU. ProECU Tools will also colour the zones of the fuelling or ignition maps based on the knock correction and lambda values retrieved from the car under test. This provides a new level of diagnostic ability, and allows the tuner to quickly see which areas of the map require attention.

Subaru K-Line 99 ignition map

Subaru K-Line 99 map

Mitsubishi CAN Colt

Mitsubishi CAN Colt

Mitsubishi CAN Colt supports the 2005 onward Euro Mitsubishi Colt CZT and Ralliart vehicles including the SMART ForFour Brabus vehicle. This tuning suite is for versions of these vehicles that use an air flow meter.

7 ECU versions are currently supported from all regions, except Japan.


Mitsubishi CAN Colt allows you to alter parameters in the ECU, such as:

  • Fuel Tables
  • Ignition Timing Tables
  • Desired Boost Pressure & Wastegate Solenoid Control Maps
  • Boost Limit
  • Turbo Dynamics Control
  • Rev Limit
  • Idle Speed Control
  • Fuel Injector Scaling
  • Fuel Injector Battery Voltage Compensation
  • Trustful CEL Enable & Disable

Mitsubishi CAN Colt

Supported Vehicles

ProECU Mitsubishi CAN Colt currently supports over 5 different ECU versions.

2005 onward European Mitusbishi CAN Colt and SMART ForFour Brabus Vehicles:

  • EU Mitsubishi COLT CZT 2004
  • EU Mitsubishi COLT CZT 2005
  • EU Mitsubishi COLT CZC Cabriolet 2005
  • EU Mitsubishi COLT Ralliart 2009
  • EU Mitsubishi COLT Ralliart 2012
  • Smart Forfour Brabus

Tuning Results

Power Graphs

Power curve shown before and after tuning using our example ROM file:

Please note that the standard figures are 9.3 HP above the standard manufacturer figures as a Janspeed exhaust, which gives roughly 10 HP, was fitted to the car when the dyno runs were made.

Torque and boost curve shown before and after tuning using our example ROM file:


Live Data

When connected to a car, ProECU can offer real time data and map tracing.

The following data is available from the 'Live Data' tab of the ROM file being accessed. This data is accessed directly from the ECU in real time.

  • RPM: Engine speed. (Revolutions Per Minute)
  • Injector Duty Cycle: Percentage of time that the injector is open vs. closed (the time available changes as Engine speed increases (becomes less).
  • Fuel Trim Short Term & Long Term: This is the percentage of fuel trim that the ECU adds or subtracts to obtain stoichiometric AFR. This is useful to determine when the ECU is running in open/closed loop mode
  • Ignition Timing: This displays the actual ignition timing that the ECU is currently using
  • Knock Retard: Knock retard is the amount of Ignition timing removed by the ECU because of knock
  • Air Flow: Shows the reading from the Mass Airflow sensor
  • External Lambda/AFR Input Channel: This will only be displayed if an External Sensor has been configured in ProECU.
  • Engine Load (Custom RaceROM parameter)

The below screenshots shows some example data for the approximately 47 live data parameters:

It is possible to log the data shown during Map Access mode for analysis in ProECU.
It is then possible to customise the way the logged data are displayed using the Time Graphs, Data Table, Custom 2D Graphing, and Custom 3D Graphing tabs in the Log Viewer, as shown below:



FlashCAN Nissan GTR

Supported Vehicles:

JF01C - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF01D - JDM Nissan GTR 2008

JF30A - US Nissan GTR 2008

F30C - US Nissan GTR 2008

JF51A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JF60A - EU Nissan GTR 2009

JW93A - EU Nissan GTR 2010

JW99A - ME Nissan GTR 2010

KB54B - EU Nissan GTR 2011

R5116 - EU Nissan GTR 2010

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